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Air Force Security Service '59-'63, Crete, Osan, Korea. Keene (NH) State College, Lyndon (VT) State College, BS '68, Oberlin (OH) College, MAT '67 (yes, that's right, Masters in 67, Bachelors in 68 (awarded)) Worked as School teacher, Milton NH, Pelham NH; NH Dept of Transportation, Town of Hudson NH Highway Dept; Vermont Dept of Social Welfare (Brattleboro). I've seen St. Peter's Basillica, the Parthenon in Athens, Mt Fuji, the Sahara, Hong Kong. I've seen segregation in Mississippi, was at Oberlin when Abbie Hoffman was there. I was at a Baptist church in NH when they were raising money to send volunteers to register black voters in Alabama. I was at a Catholic church in Massachusetts when a priest urged his congregation to vote for John Kennedy for President as a moral obligation. If it felt good, I tried it, I didn't trust anyone over 30, I couldn't commit to a fraternity, a religion, or a philosophy. I've had triumphs and tragedies, but overall its been a helluva ride and I've had a great time and still am!!